Mar 5, 2013

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Performance Flight Details

Performance Flight Details

So how do you play in the Performance Flight? Simply put, contact your PDGA State or Country Coordinator to learn their plans for selecting a representative. Each coordinator is encouraged to determine a representative through a tournament that makes the most sense for players in their area.

Disc Golf United’s Performance Scoring system, the same system featured in the USDGC Performance Flight, can be easily implemented for a qualifying tournament. Coordinators who wish to use Performance Scoring should contact Adrian Southern at 800.476.3968 or

Performance Scoring allows all players to compete on an equal basis by assigning each player a projected score based on their skill level and the layout of the course. After each round, the leader board is adjusted according to each player’s over/under their projected score rather than their actual score.

Coordinators may also simply choose someone they believe is deserving of the spot. These spots are more than just playing for yourself, says Event Director Jonathan Poole. They’re about representing your home state, and the USDGC hopes that every state will be represented. So be sure to find out what qualifying method your coordinator has in mind.

Here’s how to contact your PDGA State or Country coordinator.
Click on this link:PDGA Coordinator
Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and select either your state or country coordinator and click “Go”. There, you’ll be able to write your coordinator a message.

For further details, check out the Official Qualifying Procedures here.

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