Apr 25, 2013

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In Roc We Trust

In Roc We Trust

Call it: Heads or tails? Either way USDGC Roc collectors win with the recent “Coin Stamp” Rocs that completed the 2000 disc Collector Series for 2012.

Only 123 discs remained for 2012, 62 of which received the “Heads” side of the coin featuring 5-time US Champion Ken Climo. Ken’s profile resembles United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s pose on the silver dollar.

For the flip side of the coin, the “Tails” design features the latest rendition of the USDGC eagle, which is actually quite similar to the eagle displayed on U.S. coins. Each side of the coin displays a total of 15 stars, symbolic of the USDGC’s 15th Anniversary.

Of these Rocs, 36 are the original Rancho mold which dates back to 2001. 62 are Innova’s Ontario mold, and the final 25 are from one of the original runs of the new Roc3.

Released on April 16th to USDGC Partners via Disc Golf United, the limited number of discs quickly sold out. Having two different stamps made the release even more collectible, said USDGC Event Director Jonathan Poole.

To those unfamiliar with Collector Series Rocs, the demand can be mind-boggling. Even the double stamp “misprints” of the Coin Stamp (which sold out in 7 minutes online) have already been snapped up by collectors for prices upwards of $200. Prices for the “goods” – those that come with a serial number and certificate of authenticity – are expected to go for even more.

For complete details on the 2012 USDGC Roc, check out the Official Collector Guide, here.

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