Jun 25, 2014

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Brinster Champ Rocs

Brinster Champ Rocs

Having your name and likeness on a USDGC Collector Series Champion Roc is one of the cooler perks to winning the USDGC. This is a benefit that 2013 US Champion, Steve Brinster, can now enjoy.

Released to USDGC Partners at the end of May, Innova produced 300 USDGC Champion Rocs in the original “Rancho” mold to commemorate Steve’s dramatic win last October.

Discs were stamped using a variety of special foils, and show Brinster driving his way toward his first PDGA Major Championship victory. The design, which features a backdrop of stars and stripes, powerful wings, and the clubhouse at Winthrop, was created by Kris Henseler of Raleigh, NC.

The USDGC is always looking for Roc and/or USDGC-themed artwork for its annual fundraising campaigns. If you would like to submit your designs for considerations, please contact the event at http://www.usdgc.com/contact

More information on all USDGC Roc releases is available at http://www.usdgc.com/general-information/usdgc-rocs

Brinster Commemorative Roc

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