Jul 11, 2012

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Welcome to the Innova Air Force

Welcome to the Innova Air Force

You may have never heard of the Innova Air Force, but chances are good you are already a part of it.

Earlier this spring, Innova sponsored players began wearing the new moniker, however the name encompasses more than just the game’s top professionals. The Air Force embraces all players who share Innova’s love for the game and who have chosen to support the company throughout the years.

“Not everyone can be a part of Team Innova, but everyone can be a part of the Innova Air Force,” said Innova Team Manager and USDGC Event Director, Jonathan Poole.

The Air Force is also present in Rock Hill, S.C. at the United States Disc Golf Championship. “USDGC Partners and volunteers make Innova’s flagship tournament possible. Anyone who supports the USDGC is definitely part of the Innova family,” said Poole, adding that USDGC Partners provide a significant portion of the revenue necessary to put on the event. “We could not, and would not, want to run the Championship without their support.”

That is why one of the first steps of the Air Force concept was to produce USDGC Rocs emblazoned with the IAF Logo. On June 30th, 500 USDGC Champion Rocs were released, that were divided into two categories; 200 Partner Issue(#101-300 of 2000) and 300 General Issue (#301-600 of 2000).

Prior to the Partner and General Issues, 100 Team Issue Rocs (#001-100 of 2000) were stamped for Innova sponsored athletes. The discs made their debut at the Beaver State Fling, where team members received the serial numbered discs according to how they finished in Portland.

These initial 600 Rocs are part of a 2,000 disc total release for 2012. A Will Schusterick (2010 US Champion) commemorative design will debut at the 2012 World Championships Fly Mart in Charlotte. Schusterick will be doing an autograph session to celebrate the release on Tuesday night, July 17th.

Since USDGC Rocs are among the most prized items among disc collectors, details of each release are thoroughly documented and available to the public. Official collector guides for all USDGC Rocs are available at usdgc.com.

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