Aug 5, 2014

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Maryland Perf. Flight Qualifying

Maryland Perf. Flight Qualifying

(Here’s a method from Maryland we’re highlighting as a possible example to follow in the future when deciding how to select your Performance Flight state representative spot.)

More Maryland disc golfers had the chance to earn the state representative spot for the 2014 USDGC Performance Flight thanks to PDGA State Coordinator Bobby Hermann’s system that grants eligibility for the spot through several in-state qualifiers.

Hermann, of Silver Spring, MD, believes it’s a system other state coordinators could follow in order to make Performance Flight qualifying more unified.

It all started earlier in the season with four PDGA events spread throughout Maryland that tacked the Performance Flight qualifier on the side. Those events produced 17 eligible players that were then invited to compete for the state’s Performance Flight spot at the Seneca Sun Seeker (July 20th), which was also a regular PDGA event that had the Performance Flight spot as featured side action.

Doug Marinovich of Bethesda, MD, took home the Maryland state spot when Performance Scoring was applied to the Sun Seeker’s two rounds at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, MD. Marinovich also tied for second in the open division.

Bobby Hermann (right) congratulates Maryland state representative Doug Marinovich.

State Coordinator Bobby Hermann (right) congratulates the new Maryland state representative, Doug Marinovich. Photos by Kevin Morrow.

Hermann noted that the USDGC Open Flight has its uniform qualifying system, but the Performance Flight does not. When it comes to choosing a state rep, state coordinators are asked to select a regional event that gives the opportunity to the most local players. Using Performance Scoring to determine that player is encouraged but not required. State Coordinators may also pick a deserving individual.

Before organizing this process, Hermann said he did a lot of research about the various models state coordinators employ to determine Performance Flight state representatives.
“The models are all over the place,” Hermann said, adding some hold tournaments for the spot while others just pick a player based on various factors.

Hermann says his way fosters Performance Flight values: fairness, inclusion, and competition. Plus, he believes his system will produce a player with a good chance to win.
“I really think he (Marinovich) is gonna be up on that (USDGC) podium. I think he’s got the mentality and the skill to pull it off down there,” said Hermann.

Hermann had planned on inviting up to 15 players from each Maryland qualifying event to the Sun Seeker, but since less than that met Performance Flight guidelines at each qualifying event – all that were interested advanced to the Sun Seeker.
(For more on the Performance Flight Guidelines look to the Official Qualifying Document here.)

Hermann said instead of accumulating points from a series of events, his way is easier because you just have to qualify at one event to move onto the finale.

Along with the seventeen players qualifying from the in-state qualifiers, Hermann also allowed tournament directors from the past year and those who had logged many service hours to Maryland disc golf to also compete for the spot at the Sun Seeker.

He said after working with Disc Golf United Coordinator Adrian Southern, applying Performance Scoring to his tournament was easy and worked out so that he could announce the winner alongside the regular tournament awards.

If more players had met the Performance Flight guidelines at the in-state qualifiers Hermann would’ve used the top 15 raw scores to qualify for the Sun Seeker. Ideally, though, Hermann said he wants to use Performance Scoring for the in-state qualifiers as well because the more Performance Scoring is used the more vetted the player will be once they get to the USDGC.
(For more information on Performance Scoring click here).

If more state coordinators follow his system, Hermann believes there’d not only be more validity to the Performance Flight qualifying but also to the Performance Flight in general.
“I truly want the Performance Flight edition of the USDGC to be something that the disc golf community will accept and endorse en masse, and I think highlighting the Maryland model will contribute to that goal,” said Hermann in an email.

For more info on using Performance Scoring for your event contact Adrian Southern:

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