Sep 24, 2012

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Florida State Spot Awarded

Recent Performance Flight qualifier Corey Westfall of Florida is seeing yellow.

After earning the Florida state spot at the Labor Day Luau in Floral City, FL (Sept. 1st), Westfall wants to prepare for Winthrop’s yellow OB rope he’s heard so much about.
“I’m going to be practicing a lot of my short game just to make sure I keep everything straight,” said Westfall, who will be playing in his first USDGC.

936-rated Westfall of St. Petersburg, FL took the spot after a tie with 929-rated Jordan Bowser of Corvallis, OR. Both beat their projection by a total of 9 strokes for the two-round tournament.

Performance Scoring was used in several events this season to determine state representative spots for the 2012 Performance Flight.

Westfall said his go-for-par strategy combined with a practice round prior to the tourney helped him beat his projected score of 59 by six strokes in the first round and 3 in the final round.
“Just playing safe pretty much got me there,” said Westfall, who also won advanced in stroke play as well.

Luau TD Mike McElroy said players are generally attracted to the one-day event to collect points for the Fabulous Florida Tour, but McElroy noticed more interest this year with the USDGC Performance Flight spot up for grabs.

He said players he’d normally see in the intermediate division moved up to advanced so they’d play the same course layout as the pros and be eligible.
Regardless of the Flight, players were interested in the spot, McElroy said
“I know if I had the chance to play it, I’d want it,” said McElroy.

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