Sep 27, 2013

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Teeboxx Visits USDGC

Teeboxx Visits USDGC

USDGC spectators will receive their complimentary disc from a machine this year, but not just any machine, a Teeboxx – the new disc golf automated retail center that’s being placed at courses, and that’s creating a lot of buzz.

The first 500 single day ticket holders will receive one of Teeboxx’s new gift cards that are being unveiled at the USDGC. Spectators can then take that card to the Teeboxx, positioned near the Winthrop Gold pro shop, and redeem it for a DX Roc3 that are also premiering at the Championship.

Teeboxx founder Aaron Martin, 37, of Omaha, is excited that his compact disc golf store could be a part of the USDGC and he believes it will make a good impression on spectators.

“I hope that they experience a new alternative to how they get equipment and the convenience of it and the fact that it is point of play,” said Martin, who also plans to use the gift cards as sponsorship for disc golf clubs and tournaments.

Seeing courses vandalized and in disrepair helped spark the Teeboxx idea. That’s why Teeboxx’s business model includes sharing a percentage of the machine’s revenue back to the public park that it’s located in.

After developing a prototype and assembling his start-up team in 2012, Martin posted a picture of the Teeboxx on Facebook late one evening this spring. The next morning they had 27,000 views, said Martin.

Currently a Teeboxx has been installed in Miami and in their hometown of Omaha, plus they’ve got one for promotional events like the USDGC. Martin says they’ve also got two more on the way in Broward County, Fla.

Working with vending machines is a bit of a departure for Martin, who has worked in advertising based video production for most of his professional life. He even supplied his video skills to the USDGC in 2007-08, putting out daily video segments and assisting in the successful 2007 USDGC DVD.

A sponsored player for 6 years, he never played in the USDGC, but he said he played Winthrop dozens of times when he worked the event. Martin says he’s excited to return to Winthrop this year to show off the Teeboxx and all of the work that’s gone into it.
“The main thing is to make sure that everyone in the industry knows that we’re serious for one,” said Martin, adding that it takes an in-person look at the machine to get a real feel for it.

Besides dealing with park departments, Martin and his team are also working to partner with existing store-based retailers on TeeBoxx franchising in which retailers could stock the machine with their own discs. Martin said he’d still want a percentage to go back to the course.

The Teeboxx may resemble something you grab snacks from, but it’s customized from the ground up. And that can be an expensive task. He’s looking forward to being able to bulk order the machines and be at the point when 15 Teeboxxes are in the ground.

Trusting a machine to fulfill a monetary transaction can be a somewhat challenging exercise for some. However Martin says the Teeboxx will make good with the goods. And if somehow it doesn’t, the credit or debit card used won’t be charged.

Martin said his team did a ton of testing so that the Teeboxx vends correctly. He said if an item gets caught in the coil, it will continually jog until it’s shaken free.

“It’s never going to be that bag of chips that gets stuck on the side,” said Martin.
The Teeboxx will stay at Winthrop until Saturday night when it’s shipped out to Houston to be displayed for a national convention. Until then it will surely be the topic of many conversations during the tournament.

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