Sep 29, 2013

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Facebook Friends win US Dubs

Facebook Friends win US Dubs

After a 1, 2 finish during a singles play event earlier in the year, Robert Leonard and Ken Tyburski united as a doubles team for the first time to win the U.S. Amateur Doubles Championship on Sunday.

Down by two at the end of Saturday’s action, Leonard, of Raleigh, and Tyburski, of Chatham, Va., won by six strokes after posting a 58 (-9) for the final round (captain’s choice) at the Winthrop Gold Course. They ended up at (-21) for the tournament.

Tying for second place were Robby Kyle and Daniel Graham, and Tim Glass and Dan Glass, both teams at (-15) for the tournament.

Leonard noticed that he and Tyburski had opposite strengths when they battled in February at the Buckhorn Open near Raleigh. So Leonard, who won that event, later propositioned a partnership for the doubles tournament via Facebook message.

“Thanks to Rob for asking me to play,” said Tyburski during their victory speech.

Though their plan called for Tyburski to do most of the driving and for Leonard to handle the putting, Leonard said his partner was a one-man-show on Sunday

“I putted like two times because this guy was unbelievable,” said Leonard of his partner’s Winthrop play.

On the whole, the two said good communication was key in their success. They said they strategized before the tournament and had regular consultations during the rounds.

During the alternate shot format at Nevin Park, a round that made or broke teams this year, the team turned in a solid 59 (-5).  They said their turning point at Nevin came on hole 5 (par 5) when they secured a tap-in birdie following a clutch Leonard approach. Tyburksi then parked the following tight, tunnel hole.

Tyburksi said their partnership came at a good time for the two of them disc golf wise.

“I think we are both at very good places right now,” said Tyburski.

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