Oct 1, 2012

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2012 USDGC Rocs

2012 USDGC Rocs

New InnColor Champion Rocs will headline the USDGC Roc offering during the 2012 USDGC. The Rocs are decorated with a vivid image of the elevated target and surrounding background of Winthrop Gold Hole 9.
(Their image will be released later in the week.)

Rather than a single release date & time next week, USDGC Rocs will be available in the tournament pro shop beginning on Monday. Available discs include:

• Will Schusterick, 2010 US Champion – Commemorative Hot Stamp
• 2012 US Disc Golf Championship Commemorative Hot Stamp

Both of these discs are also available at the online pro shop at Disc Golf United. 2012 USDGC t-shirts are also available at DGU for $15, or a Roc/t-shirt combo for $35.

A total of 2000 Collector Series USDGC Rocs will be released in 2012. Earlier in the year small batches included Team Issue, Partner Issue, and General Issue of an Innova Air Force design. The Will Schusterick design made its debut at the 2012 World Championships. And most recently the official logo for the 2012 event was released.

Official USDGC Roc Collector Guides are available in the general information section at usdgc.com. All proceeds from the sales of USDGC Rocs go directly to support the event and its charities.

We will see you at Winthrop!







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