Oct 3, 2013

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Collegiate Match on Saturday

Winthrop and Clemson fans will have a chance to root for their school during the United States Disc Golf Championship’s inaugural Collegiate Exhibition Match on Saturday Oct 5th.

Members of each school’s disc golf team will square off at 8 a.m. at the Winthrop University Gold Course before USDGC competitors start their final round. Disc Golf Planet, who broadcasts over the Internet and cable television, will be on hand to cover the match.

Using the collegiate team doubles format, both 4-man teams will be on the same card. Two players from each team tee-off on the course’s odd holes, while the other two team members will tee off on the even holes. After tee-off, each team determines their best shot and the players who didn’t tee, play the next shot. Each team continues to alternate and choose their best shot until the hole is complete.

The National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships held in the spring as well as the qualifying events held prior have developed a strong following. USDGC staffer Stuart Neal, who played three years for Clemson, said it’s a great event that puts a new spin on disc golf competition.

Neal is now the coach of the Winthrop team, which will assemble a team for the collegiate championship qualifying for the first time next year.

Clemson was one of the founding teams to play in the first collegiate championships in 2007 and is currently ranked 15th among participating schools.

The USDGC is full of tradition and the addition of the collegiate match should build into another favorite event at the Championship. Look to Winthrop’s team to host another collegiate team at next year’sUSDGC.

Team members include:
Kevin Roux
Kyle Rine
Nathan Gunnels
Beau Chappelear

Trey King
Brian Fitzpatrick
Dustin Griffin
Josh Beste

For more info on collegiate disc golf go to: www.ncdgc.com

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