Oct 3, 2012

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Terry Roddy is Golden

Terry Roddy is Golden

Normally the guy behind the camera, Terry Roddy found himself being interviewed by Discgolfplanet.tv after he won the Golden Rake Award at the USDGC Banquet Tuesday night.

Roddy said the award, though individual, also involves all the support he receives from the disc golf community. “It’s really about the disc golf family,” said Roddy after the banquet, which was held at the Baxter Hood Center in Rock Hill, S.C.

A behind the scenes media marvel, he has been a part of the Championship (including playing it three times) for all but one year of the tournament’s history. Over the years, he’s had many roles in USDGC communication, including a big role with the 1999 Championship video.

Working with television networks, Roddy of Towson, MD, has seen the front lines of PGA broadcasting since 1998. Over the years he has been able to transfer much of his video expertise over to disc golf.
“The USDGC is much, much better as a result of Terry’s efforts,” said USDGC Event Director Jonathan Poole before announcing the award.

Accepting the award, Roddy was visibly moved. “This is a really special moment. I’m really speechless,” said Roddy.

The award stacks up with any other honor he has received, Roddy said. And, he’s already got a place picked out for it at home. “This Golden Rake will sit next to the Emmy I won for CBS Sports,” said Roddy after the banquet.

Roddy, who works with Discgolfplanet.tv, said he’ll continue chipping away at the mainstream media wall obstructing disc golf. “I feel disc golf really has a place in mainstream sports media,” said Roddy. “All my energy will be focused on doing that until I’m long gone,” he later added.

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