Oct 4, 2012

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Neal Still On Top of Perf. Flight

Neal Still On Top of Perf. Flight

Thursday’s Round 2 was again the Jared Neal show as he bested his projected 74 by 10 strokes and now leads the Performance Flight by 10 strokes as well.

Still in the hunt are Clayton Nash of Mississippi and Kevin Tritten of North Carolina who are beating their projection by a total of 13 strokes. Austin Krise of Pennsylvania is not far behind, shooting 11 strokes below his projection for the tournament.

For the second day in a row Neal was also the Daily Performance Winner.
The highlight of Neal’s round was undoubtedly ‘888’, the par 5 Hole 13, where he blasted a 490-foot drive that hit a light pole far down the fairway, than skipped on the road bordering the fairway, and finally landed safely in bounds. Nearly making eagle on the hole, he settled for birdie.

The 963-rated Neal said he’s still maintaining that happy, relaxed feeling from Wednesday.
“When I play with a fun group I play so much better,” said Neal, who is a senior at the Univ. of Alabama Huntsville and plays on their disc golf team.

Nash, who bested his projected score of 70 by 8 on Thursday, didn’t know how he was going to catch Neal since he believed he was playing some of his best golf.

Nash said Neal would have to fall apart, but he doesn’t want to see that.
“I don’t want to cheer for other people to do bad. I just want to shoot good,” said Nash.

Further down the leader board, the Performance Flight players are still giving their all.

Never seeing the course, Jester Wilson, who lives in England, felt pretty good about shooting four over his projected 72 on Wednesday.
Armed with course knowledge, he felt he could do better on Thursday, but that was not the case.
“Just goes to show you that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing,” said a joking Wilson, who shot nine over his projected on Thursday.

He said the closest thing England has to the USDGC was the European Championship held in Colchester, but it doesn’t quite have all the details like golf cart shuttling, complimentary food, and the caddy book, among others. He hopes to bring more of those details back.

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