Oct 5, 2013

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EDGE on the Rise

EDGE on the Rise

It’s been a banner year for the Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE).

“In September we equaled the amount of new programs of all of last year,” said EDGE Coordinator David Shope, adding that 150 new schools installed EDGE programs.

Started in 2001, Educational Disc Golf Experience propels disc golf forward by introducing the sport to schools and plugging in disc golf related concepts into the curriculum.

Shope said awareness of the program is building and EDGE enjoys continued support from the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and the USDGC. The USDGC has generated nearly $200,000 for EDGE.

In addition, schools installing disc golf courses are increasing.

“One of the more astounding things that happened this year was an unprecedented increase in permanent course installs on campus with 18,” said Shope. “It appears educators are making a more long term commitment to disc golf.”

On top of that, the USDGC saw big crowds of school children attend the tournament. Seeing area students visit the EDGE Pavilion has been a tournament staple for years, but Shope said this year they had noticeably bigger crowds that totaled around 630.

At the pavilion, students learn the disc golf fundamentals as well as etiquette by watching competitors on nearby holes. Plus, they’re entertained by Boo the Disc Diving Dog.

For more information visit www.edgediscgolf.org

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