Oct 5, 2012

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More Clinics Friday and Saturday

More Clinics Friday and Saturday

The PDGA Clinic Series still has more to go after Friday and Saturday’s rounds.

First up Friday will be Jim Schultz of Eagles Wings Ministry. Then, Alan Beaver will speak about making connections with your local parks department, followed by 2005 US Champion Dave Feldberg, who will shed light on flip hyzers and working the disc down the fairway.

Saturday, 5-time US Champion Ken Climo is scheduled to speak. A distance exhibition is also planned after the final round.

Thursday, Jussi Meresmaa and 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins talked about their “Deep in the Game” video series. 2009 US Champion Nikko Locastro was next as he advised players on how to reach the next level, followed by Jeremy Koling, who instructed the finer points of the sidearm throw.

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