Oct 6, 2012

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Distance Exhibition and KC Clinic Today

Distance Exhibition and KC Clinic Today

The famous ‘Over the Lake’ long-distance throws will be in full view after the round on Saturday. Expect to see big throws from your favorite long bombers including Jeremy Koling (pictured) as they fling drivers from behind the Pro Shop.

5-time US Champion Ken Climo will lead a question and answer session following distance, concluding the PDGA Clinic Series held throughout the week.

On Friday former parks department official Alan Beaver of South Carolina, explained how disc golfers can make ties to their local parks department. One key, he said, is keeping track of your local government’s fiscal year funding, so a request involving a course is well timed.

Following Beaver, was a brief clinic by 2005 US Champion Dave Feldberg, who gave instruction on flip hyzers and other throwing mechanics.

Also on hand, was Jim Schultz of Eagles Wings Ministry, who spoke about the latest with his program.

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