Oct 8, 2009

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Feldberg Presses On

Feldberg Presses On

Thursday was a day full of surges from the field including round one co-leader David Feldberg, who after shooting a fiery 57 (-11), took sole lead of the USDGC with (-20).

After the round Feldberg said he was happy with his progress, but he felt his performance was less than solid. Along with his 11 birdies and an eagle on hole 12, he also had a bogey on holes 5 and 11.
“I feel I can do much better than that,” the 2005 champion said.

When asked what it would take to produce that solid round he said “I think it’s going to take me believing.”

Although Feldberg’s play was impressive, he did not own the best score of the day, which was posted by the surging Josh Anthon, of Rio Linda, Calif. Anthon, in his eighth Open appearance, shot a lights out 56 (-12), a twelve stroke improvement over round one. Anthon, second at the 2009 Worlds, is currently tied at ninth place.

Sitting in second place at (-16) is the 2009 Worlds master champion, Phil Arthur, of Woodstock, Ga., who tallied a 59 (-9). Arthur secured 10 birdies and an eagle on hole 12, but suffered a double bogey on hole 5 and a bogey on 13.

Others also in the mix include: defending champion Nate Doss, of Scotts Valley, Calif., and Jussi Meresmaa, of Finland, at (-15); and Paul Ulibarri, of Showlow, Ariz., Michael Johansen, of Denver, N.C., and Brian Schweberger, of Tarboro, N.C., at (-14).

Johansen, someone quite familiar with Winthrop Gold, was generally pleased with his 62 (-6) today, but he couldn’t hold back the streaking Feldberg, who played on his card. Johansen said he hoped more wind would arrive for the last days of the tournament because he liked the edge that it could give him.
“I would love some wind out here,” Johansen said.

Probably the biggest score turnaround today came from Garrett Gurthie, who’s second round 59 was 14 strokes less than his first. He now sits at (-4).
Also, 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins fared much better today with a 60 (-8), an 11 stroke difference from Wednesday.

Spectators increase for Round 2: lead card draws a crowd.

By hole 3, the lead card with Schweberger, Feldberg, Johansen, and Joe Mela had collected a sizable crowd for early in the week. Dozens looked on.

Among them was Mark “Sharky” Sherwood, who came down from Maryland to watch the action and take some photos. Sherwood, attending his fifth Open, said he appreciated the top pros “shot making ability.”

Earlier in the day, spectator Andrew Tallent, of Charlotte, was sitting beside hole 17 enjoying the pleasant weather and watching players try to handle the infamous island hole. Tallent, who’s been playing the game for about a year was attending his first Open. He said he was hoping to see some exciting play while paying attention to the pros’ technique.
“I’m trying to learn something from the pros right now,” he said.

Another spectator of sorts may have gotten too involved in the action when it grabbed a disc with its mouth late in the morning. Coury Coates had driven about halfway up hole 2, which borders several houses, when a brown dog dug under the chain-linked fence that separated the backyard from the course and grabbed the disc with its mouth. Only later did the dog give up the disc after players pretended to throw another. No penalty was assessed because the disc had already come to rest.

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