Oct 8, 2009

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Gurthie Pours It On At Distance Qualify

Gurthie Pours It On At Distance Qualify

Defending champion Garrett Gurthie nearly threw it a Texas mile during a Wednesday distance qualify session that blew away the scores from last year.

The 19-year-old, of Gainesville, Fla., chunked a handful of Innova Pro Destroyers over 600 feet. His best was recorded at 654, which was nearly 150 feet further than the throw that won it for him last year against Avery Jenkins. Jenkins, always a contender in the long throw, squeaked by and tied for sixth.

The top six of all who attempted at the Winthrop golf course moved on to compete in finals Thursday at a time and location that will be later determined.

Others who made the cut include: Robbie Bratten at 615, Matt Orum at 609, Coda Hatfield at 600, Dion Arlyn at 594, and Avery Jenkins and Jeremy Koling were tied at 582.

Gurthie said his drive style and run-up changes little from his normal heaves except for an extra hop before he releases. He said others my try to do a 360- degree type hurl release, but that’s never worked for him. Gurthie, who has been playing since age 3, uses new light weight Pro Destroyers, which he said are easier to control than beat up discs.

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