Oct 8, 2013

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Wiggins Wins Distance Showcase

Applause and cheering helped David Wiggins Jr., win the USDGC’s distance showcase held after the final round on Saturday.

This year crowd noise determined the winner of the yearly contest that displays the game’s longest bombers throwing across the Winthrop Lake.

Wiggins, of High Point, N.C., Juho Parviainen, of Finland, Jeremy Koling, of Indian Trail, N.C., and Nikko Locastro of Winfield, Mo., were each given 10 throws to dazzle the crowd.

After that, showcase emcee Brian Mace lined up the competitors and asked the crowd to cheer for their favorite player after he called out their name. Mace then used a decibel reader app on his smart phone to measure the crowd noise.

It was close between Koling, Locastro and Wiggins, but Mace said Wiggins, who threw several over the road – past the lake, was able to edge them out.

German Simon Lizotte won the official distance competition on Tuesday before the Championship, but an injury prevented him from participating in the showcase. Nikko Locastro became the fourth competitor after emerging from a throw-off with Will Schusterick. Both Schusterick and Locastro tied for 5th on Tuesday.

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