Oct 9, 2012

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Koling Wins Distance Exhibition

Throwing across the Winthrop Lake from the Pro Shop is a long throw. Throwing a shot that crosses the lake then crosses the road behind it is a bomb.

Jeremy Koling of Indian Trail, N.C., crossed that road three times to win the USDGC Distance Exhibition Saturday after the final round.

Distance World Record Holder David Wiggins Jr., of High Point, N.C., actually threw the longest drive, but he didn’t cross the road as many times as Koling.

USDGC staffer Justin Alderman surveyed the distances from the Pro Shop two years go along with the rest of the course with satellite scanning technology. He said the shortest section to clear the lake is 510 feet while it takes a 630-foot shoot to clear the road.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was when long-bomber Garrett Gurthie of Florida, threw a drive left-handed (his opposite) in memory of lefty Craig Leyva, who passed away this year.
Gurthie then proceeded to clear the lake with a Roc followed by a Putter (with his right hand).

Photo by Doug Adams.

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