Oct 10, 2009

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Gurthie 3-peats As Distance Champ

Gurthie 3-peats As Distance Champ

After the third round of the USDGC was complete on Friday, Garrett Gurthie continued the show over at the Winthrop golf course where he edged out Jeremy Koling to win the 2009 distance crown for the third consecutive year.

The Gainesville, Fla., resident’s winning throw sailed 585 feet. Koling, of Charlotte, gave Gurthie a run for his money but landed about six feet short. Robbie Bratten, of Houston, came in third with a throw of 564 feet.

After the competition, Gurthie said it wasn’t really about winning the first prize of $500.
“I just love to make people clap, you know,” he said with a big smile.

Although the throws on Friday weren’t as monumental as Wednesday’s qualifying, they still sailed a long way and were often difficult to see land.

Gurthie said unlike Friday, competitors faced a head wind that made the super heaves more challenging to control. Plus, the seven guys were throwing in the opposite direction from Friday, which was at a slight uphill angle and in turn took away some yardage, Gurthie said.

Gurthie’s winning disc was a 174 gram Champion Boss. The light weight Pro Destroyers Gurthie was launching into orbit on Wednesday were flipping over too much on Friday, he said.

Last year, Gurthie defeated Avery Jenkins, another finals competitor, in a sudden death throw-off.

Other final competitors included Matt Orum, Coda Hatfield and Dion Arlyn.

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