Dec 9, 2010

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2010 USDGC DVD On Sale Now

USDGC Lead Group Live DVD Available Here
It’s a two man race for the most coveted and prestigious title in all of disc golf. Will Schusterick is the even-keeled eighteen-year-old with the maturity and game of a seasoned pro. Will his flawless form and quiet confidence be enough to beat back Nikko’s attack? Nikko Locastro has the opportunity to join Ken Climo as the only player to defend the title in back-to-back years. But, can he contain his volatile emotions and manage his aggressive style? Jussi Meresmaa displays the European tradition of controlled and robot-like coolness as he makes his bid to be the first non-American US Champion. And Charlotte, NC native Michael Johansen elevates the art of Zen golf to new heights with his virtually unlimited arsenal of disc golf weaponry. Disaster and triumph await in one of the most exciting duels ever witnessed in our sport.

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