Dec 29, 2011

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Thank You Rocs

Thank You Rocs

As a thank-you for supporting the 2011 USDGC, tournament supporters who renewed their partnerships in 2011 were given an opportunity to purchase 300 Champion Rocs in a unique December release.

Many of the discs received stamps that borrow elements from the USDGC Performance Edition in October – yet each stamp is new to collector series Rocs. In all, there are three different stamps decorating 100 discs each – for the USDGC Partner program, one of the chief fundraisers for the USDGC.

A USDGC Partner since 2006, Jason Hamby of Citrus Heights, California, likes what he sees, especially from the 100 Rocs with the Innova Champion Discs Mini Star stamp. “I really think they’re keepers,” said Hamby, a serious Roc collector who hopes to acquire more Mini Star stamp Rocs.

The stamp is a variation of the first run logo that once frequented Innova stock minis and some first run discs. 27 of these discs come from a hybrid Star/Champion batch of plastic in assorted colors – a group Hamby believed to be the rarest of the December bunch. He said he recently traded an expensive 2001 USDGC Roc (one he bought from Barry Schultz) for the no. 1 hybrid Mini Star stamped Roc.

The remaining 73 discs are “Carolina Blue” with glitter-like metal flakes. USDGC Event Director Jonathan Poole said with “glitter mania running wild” the timing was right for this particular batch of discs.

In addition, 100 more share the two-color stamp (stamped twice) that decorated two of the player pack discs this year, the Champion Archon and Champion TL +. These stiffer Rocs come in orange, yellow, dark yellow, and maroon colored plastic. Poole believes this stamp will remain popular years down the road due to the controversial decision to test performance-based play at the USDGC.

100 USDGC Mini Talons Rocs also borrow from the 2011 Championship theme. Its stamp was used for USDGC minis and select apparel items. Buyers of these softer discs available in orange, yellow, and merlot will see the Roc’s eyes ablaze as its sharp claws appear to reach out and pinch you.

Going on sale December 2nd, Partners were first limited to only one of each disc until December 10th, after which orders for additional discs were fulfilled. All 300 discs were sold.

Although Hamby has questioned some of the decisions related to the USDGC Partner program, he intends to continue supporting the Championship and collecting USDGC Champion Rocs. Hamby, who played in the Performance Edition, noted that in recent years the collectibility of some of the Partner Rocs has waned mainly from an abundance of Champion Rocs on the market.

Poole said the addition of the Champion USDGC Roc + into regular stock over the last year enabled a drastic reduction in collector series Rocs. “That is a significant change from previous years when Partners could purchase as many as 50 USDGC Rocs at a time,” he said.

Demand already seems to be much stronger with fewer discs hitting the market. Hamby agrees, especially when it comes to the Mini Star stamp Roc. He is already seeing favorable prices on eBay and is encouraged about their potential in the future.

For a complete listing of the discs go to the December Roc Collector Guide on

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